Vegetable Paella

Follow our recipe and enjoy the most Spanish of Spanish dishes: paella – with rice, the best selection of vegetables and the aromas of saffron and paprika. Authentic flavours, with no additives. Ideal for vegans and for those who want to take care of themselves without giving up the pleasure of eating.

Ingredients: rice, green pepper, onion, red pepper, carrot, garlic, zucchini, leek, paprika, wakame seaweed, bay leaf, saffron … and nothing else.

Allergens: May contain traces of crustaceans, molluscs, fish, sesame seeds, mustard, hazelnuts, celery, peanut and sulphites.

2 ServingsGluten freeNo added saltVegan

In this tray you will take:

Paella 8

And nothing else!

Paella 8v

Cooking instructions:


Iconos Paellas 01
In a low pan, heat two tablespoons of olive oil and add the content of the tray. Stir it for 1 min. If you want, you can also add pieces of chicken or other meat and fry it before adding the rice.


Iconos Paellas 02
Add 750 ml of hot water and 6 g of salt (or to taste).


Iconos Paellas 03
Cook for 20 minutes (the first 5 at high heat and then at medium heat). Once ready, let it stand for 5 minutes aside the heat.
*For one person, the amounts are approximately 140 g of our Paella and 400 ml of water. Remember to shake the tray before to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Trevijano touch
The touch that we like is to accompany it with garlic mayonnaise and decorate it with lemon. Tell us what yours is. #Trevijano