Quality and food security policy

As a supplier of dehydrated vegetable products, risotto, paella, couscous and seeds on an increasingly competitive food market, PRODUCTOS TREVIJANO, S.L. is aware of the importance of satisfying all interested parties (customers, consumers, etc.) as the guarantee for its business success and the future of all members of the Company in the short, mid and long-term. Therefore, we have adopted the following basic principles as the inspiration for our management:

  • To deliver safe, high-quality, attractive and innovative products to the market, prepared to the very highest standards of safety, meeting established specifications, our customers’ requirements, complying with applicable legislation and widely improving on our customers’ expectations.
  • To be perfectionists in everything we do from when work starts, and to permanently eliminate any causes of possible errors or defects that affect proper execution of our activities, in particular any that have a direct impact on our customers.
  • To continuously improve the effectiveness of our management system, our processes, products and services.

To achieve these objectives we consider necessary:

  • Commitment at the very highest level as the driving force behind the established Quality and Food Safety Policy.
  • Responsible engagement by all members of the company within a working atmosphere that is respectful of the natural environment and sustainability, ensuring the occupational health and safety of our employees.
  • Guaranteeing that all personnel in the company acquires the required level of training to carry out their jobs, ensuring they have the necessary capacity and access to suitable information in order to achieve this.
  • Establishing clear, fair relationships committed to ethics that are mutually beneficial for all involved parties (employees, suppliers, customers, authorities, etc.).

Faithful to these principles, the precepts to be fulfilled by PRODUCTOS TREVIJANO S.L. are collected in our Quality System, which is declared mandatory.

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