Quality and food security policy

As a supplier of dehydrated vegetable products, risottos, paellas, cous cous and seeds to an increasingly competitive food market, PRODUCTOS TREVIJANO S.L. is aware of the importance on keeping all interested parties (customers, consumers…) satisfied. Being this satisfaction our only guarantee of our business success and the future of all our members of the Company in the short, medium and long term. That is why PRODUCTOS TREVIJANO S.L. adopts the following basic principles as inspiration of its management:
  • To deliver safe, high-quality, attractive and innovative products that are produced to the highest safety standards meeting the established specifications as well as the requirements of our customers and complying with the legislation that applies to them. Not forgetting to greatly improve the expectations of Customers.
  • Be perfectionists from the beginning in carrying out the work and permanently eliminate the causes of any error or defect that disrupts the good execution of our activities, especially those that directly affect our clients.
  • Continuously improve the efficiency of our management system, our processes, products and services.
To achieve these objectives we consider necessary:
  • La existencia de un compromiso al más alto nivel que impulse la Política de Calidad y Seguridad Alimentaria establecida.
  • La participación responsable de todos los miembros de la empresa dentro de un ambiente de trabajo respetuoso con el medio ambiente y con la sostenibilidad, y cuidadoso con la seguridad y salud laboral de los empleados.
  • Garantizar que todo el personal de la empresa adquiera el nivel de formación preciso para el desarrollo de sus actividades, tenga la capacidad necesaria y tenga acceso a la información adecuada para poder desempeñarla.
  • Establecer relaciones claras, justas, comprometidas con la ética y mutuamente beneficiosas con todas las partes interesadas (empleados, proveedores, clientes, autoridades…)
Faithful to these principles, the precepts to be fulfilled by PRODUCTOS TREVIJANO S.L. are collected in our Quality System, which is declared mandatory.
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