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New Vegetable Protein range

In the line that defines us, we present four new 100% vegetable dishes without additives, with a new ingredient: the texturised pea.

Its texture, flavour and properties make these recipes a quick, delicious and high protein meal, without the need to resort to meat. Ideal to eat as a snack or as a single dish.

An easy, tasty and healthy alternative that takes less than 15 minutes to prepare.

Dehydration, the oldest and most natural form of preservation.

We like what we do.

We are a company from Navarra made up of people who have grown up surrounded by gardens, with respect and passion for the flavours of the earth. We explore new recipes by mixing new ingredients continuously, but we only sell the ones that we like to eat at home.

True flavour and your personal touch.

We look for the best ingredients so you can enjoy the recipe at home and add your own final touch, which makes each dish unique.

No additives or half-truths.

We use dehydration, the oldest and most natural way of maintaining the original flavour and nutritional properties of the ingredients for several months.

Eat well, live better.

Our recipes are incredibly easy to prepare and tasty, designed so that you can take care of yourself effortlessly.
Risotto Mediterraneo
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The authenticity manifesto

We like to make what we like to eat

We don’t like vegetables that are picked before they ripen.

We don’t like GM food or additives.

We don’t like ingredients with weird names.

We don’t like to waste what comes out of the field.

We don’t like to say “you can’t” without first trying.

We don’t like perfect, unreal foods.

We don’t like to always eat the same things in the same way.

We don’t like to consider “what to eat” as a worry.

We don’t like people who are not what they say they are.

We don’t like to say nothing if we want to change something.

We like things and people that are natural.

We like seasonal vegetables.

We like the unmistakable smell of a vegetable garden.

We like to know what we are eating.

We like traditional dishes and surprising ourselves by giving them other flavours.

We like to make people’s lives easier.

We like food that tastes as good as it feels.

We like to spend time in the kitchen and especially at the table.

We like passionate people who truly believe in what they do.

And we like to preserve things, of course. We like to preserve the good things in life.

Dehydration, the oldest and most natural form of preservation.

  • Nothing is added – just water is removed.
  • It captures seasonal ingredients at their best.
  • It preserves all of the flavour of vegetables, their mineral salts and their fibre.
  • Easy conservation: no refrigerator is needed and it has long shelf life.

100 g of dehydrated vegetables is equal to 1 kg of fresh vegetables!

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