Three new recipes that focus on plant-based protein so you can eat tasty, veggie and balanced meals anywhere you go.


Vegetable Protein Bolognese Pasta

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Vegetable Protein Pasta with Mushrooms

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Vegetable Protein Thai Style Cous Cous

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From the most traditional soups to totally innovative and creative soups. For all tastes and occasions.


Turn your house into a trattoria and cause a surprise by cooking a different risotto every day. Buon appetito!


Take a trip without leaving your kitchen, discover new flavours with our couscous and show them the chef you have inside.

Cc Oriental

Oriental couscous

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Cc Mediterraneo

Mediterranean couscous

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Cc Marroqui

Moroccan couscous

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Creative cuisine

Recipes in their original version: a fun, healthy way to cook lentils, whole rice and quinoa.

A Integral Trigueros

Brown rice with green asparagus

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Quinoa Shiitake

Tricolor quinoa with shiitake mushrooms and hazelnuts

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Trevijano Plus, from vegetable paellas to products like dried tomatoes and seaweed that will give that touch of originality to your dishes.

Seeds and cereals

Taking care of yourself can be a lot of fun with a little imagination. Change your salty or sweet dishes, breakfasts, lunches or desserts.

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