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Dehydrating is best WITHOUT

We add nothing, we only remove the water. A natural way to preserve – nothing else. No additives and no half-truths.

1 kg of fresh vegetables

100 g of dehydrated vegetables

1 kg100 g
1 kg of fresh vegetables is equivalent to 100 g of dehydrated vegetables.

Authentic food

Why one day did it became normal to put artificial preservatives in food?

Why does it change the real colour of the ingredients and alter that country taste?

We don’t understand it and we don’t want to understand it.

Those of us who have grown up surrounded by vegetable gardens know the authentic flavour of the countryside; seasonal vegetables do not need artificial additives.

We do not like half-truths and we don’t have ingredients which are difficult to pronounce in our recipes.

We believe in food that feels good and tastes better.

We believe in selling only Authentic Food.

Real and sincere people and stories .

What they are like, what their life is like, what they like and what they don’t like, their favourite dishes … little stories of people like you.

Meet Pablo

″A 22-year-old Tourism student, passionate about surfing and ...″

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Meet Jaime

″Hello! I'm CEO of The Agile Monkeys and Theam. I love sports...″

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Meet Noe

″My name is Noelia and I live in the Canary Islands. I enjoy ...″

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Meet Gonzalo

″I am involved in graphic design, and am passionate about nat...″

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Meet Jan

″“I am currently starting a bicycle travel company, bringin...″

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