Meet Jaime

Hello! I'm CEO of The Agile Monkeys and Theam. I love sports, especially running, yoga and, when I can, surfing.

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What are the next challenges in your life?

What a difficult question! On the one hand, to continue meditating, sports and eating well. On a professional level, to keep the company continuously evolving.

What do you worry about or what are you especially sensitive to?

I am very concerned about the environment. The problem of plastics in the sea obsesses me. Also, it hurts me to see how there are people who eat terribly without realising it. I’m very angry that there are companies that sell products as if they were healthy when in fact they are not.
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How do you eat?

I try to eat very simply and with dishes that are very quick to make. I eat a lot of fruit, especially avocados (I eat guacamole almost every day), cereals (without added sugar), nuts and good quality bread.

Jaime's favorite products

Where do you buy Trevijano products?

In Hipercor.

What do you value most about Trevijano products?

There is no added sugar or harmful ingredients.

What are your favourite Trevijano products?

Julienne soup and lentils.

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Meet Jaime

″Hello! I'm CEO of The Agile Monkeys and Theam. I love sports...″

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