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My name is Noelia and I live in the Canary Islands. I enjoy the simple things and small details very much and also like to photograph them

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How do you eat?

I am more “practical” than I would like. During the week I try to eat as healthily and quickly as I can and, when I have time, yes, I like to spend some time in the kitchen. Whenever I can, I love making a getaway to the market to find new ingredients and flavours, and experimenting with them.

What has helped you improve your way of eating?

I try to understand what I am eating. I suppose that as we grow older we are more aware of what influences our diet in our lives. Also the amount of information you can find on a smartphone in a second makes things a lot easier.

What do you value most about Trevijano products?

The variety. Many dishes can be prepared from a Trevijano preparation. You just have to open the fridge, see what ingredients you have and use your imagination. I like to eat different things but I don’t always have the time; it comes naturally to me.
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What are your favourite Trevijano products?

The mushroom risotto, the basil risotto and the oriental couscous.

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