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We welcome you to our website and thank you for your interest in reading the legal conditions for using our website. We are aware that this may not be your favourite subject, but as the party responsible for this website it is important that you know and understand all the information about the legal terms and conditions that define relationships between users and our company. As users, it is important you know about these terms before you continue to browse the website.

Our company, PRODUCTOS TREVIJANO, S.L. (hereinafter, TREVIJANO) is responsible for this website, and we therefore process information about our users with full guarantees and undertake to comply with national and European requirements regulating the compiling and use of personal data.

This website strictly complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27th April 2016 on the protection of natural persons (GDPR), and Law 34/2002 of 11th July on Services from the Information Society and E-Commerce (LSSICE or LSSI).

In compliance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, dated 11th July, pursuant to Governing Services from the Information Society and E-commerce we hereby provide you with the identification details of TREVIJANO:


VAT Regd. No.: B26238220

Address: Polígono La Nevera, parcela 12, 31587, Mendavia (Navarra-Spain).

Telephone: +34 948 685 829

Fax: +34 948 695139

E-mail address:

Registry Details: Registered in the Companies Registry of Navarra in Volume 1004, Folio 50, Sheet No. NA-20206.



TREVIJANO is the exclusive holder of the Operating Rights of this website. TREVIJANO reserves all the intellectual and industrial property rights in regard to this website, and consequently specific authorisation in writing from TREVIJANO will be required for any use or exercise concerning such. These reserved rights include the external appearance “look and feel”, and the contents in any format that could be included or distributed through this website, the source code, design and browsing structure of the website.

TREVIJANO is entitled to make any modifications and upgrades to the information contained on the website, its configuration or presentation at any time without the need for prior warning. TREVIJANO shall do its utmost to ensure that the information provided through this website is clear, understandable and appropriate, and shall strive to avoid any possible errors to the extent that this is possible, and where applicable to repair or update any such errors and information. Nevertheless, TREVIJANO is unable to guarantee the absence of errors or that the content of the information is permanently updated.

TREVIJANO shall not be liable for any breach by its suppliers or collaborators under any circumstances in regard to the intellectual property rights of the authors of the images and photographs they supply, and we shall assume that exploitation rights over such have been duly transferred by the holders thereof to the aforementioned suppliers.


By accessing this website, however access is gained, users agree and accept these conditions, which shall regulate use of this website. The holder reserves the right to change and amend these conditions at any time, with the latest update of these conditions being those that regulate each visit and apply to it. If users do not agree to all these conditions, they are not authorised to access this website or the contents or services hosted on it, and must leave the website immediately. These conditions are likewise extended and applicable to any communication and newsletters that the holder of the website may send out, and therefore users must accept these conditions for access to and/or use of such.

TREVIJANO reserves the right to temporarily or permanently exclude users from the use of this website in any of the following cases:

• Through breach of any of these general conditions of use.

• Through breach of laws, morality and public order.

3) SCOPE. is TREVIJANO’s official website, on which users will find the best information about our company.

Our website provides information about our products and how to purchase them through our on-line store. You will be able to discover delicious recipes that are quick and simple to prepare, testimonials by our customers and our team, and you will also be able to contact us through the form provided for this purpose or e-mail us at We reserve the right to offer other related or unrelated contents and links to the above.


You may read more about the data we compile and how we process such data on our data protection policy.


Presenting one of the website pages in a window on another website that does not belong to the holder of the website through the technique known as “framing” is not permitted, unless specific consent by TREVIJANO has been granted.

Inserting any type of contents disseminated through the website on another website other than the foregoing using the “in line linking” technique is prohibited, unless specifically authorised by TREVIJANO.

Establishing hypertext links (hyperlinks) on other websites is authorised, which must redirect to the home page, or where applicable to another internal page (deep link) on the website, providing that the relevant pages appear in a complete window under their respective IP addresses, with the party who establishes the said link to the website doing so at its own risk and venture. 


Users hereby undertake to make proper use of the contents and services offered by TREVIJANO on its website and not to use them for (I) incurring in illicit or illegal activities or activities contrary to good faith and public order; (II) disseminating racist, xenophobic, illegal pornographic, hailing terrorism or attacks against human rights contents or propaganda; (III) causing damage to TREVIJANO’S IT systems or those of its suppliers; (IV) introducing or disseminating computer virus on TREVIJANO’S website or any other systems that are susceptible to causing damage; (V) carrying out activities related to techniques of unauthorised decompiling or decoding of website content.

In the event of any website user or any other Internet user becoming aware of the website displaying illegal, harmful or denigrating contents or services or those contrary to morality or that any linked sites redirect to other websites with such contents, they must inform TREVIJANO at the e-mail address provided in this disclaimer, sufficiently identifying themselves if necessary and describing the facts they consider to be illicit or inappropriate. In the event of violation of rights, such as intellectual or industrial property rights, they should also provide the personal details of the holder of the breached rights when it is another person other than the reporter. Likewise, they should provide the title accrediting legitimacy of the rights of the holder, and where applicable the representation by means of which he/she s acting on behalf of the holder when it is another person other than the reporter, and a specific statement that the information in the claim is exact.

Any information received by TREVIJANO in accordance with this clause will not entail effective acknowledgement of the activities and/or contents indicated by the reporter in accordance with the provisions established in the Spanish Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSI).

TREVIJANO does not guarantee the accuracy, content, integrity, legality, reliability, validity, truthfulness, exactness, functionality or availability of the contents and services it offers, and waives any liability over such and over any damages that could ensue therefrom. The information provided on this website is for guidance purposes only and is in no way representative. The foregoing is extended to links, contents and opinions not expressed or provided by or hosted on this website, with the liability for such lying with the holders of the contents and the relevant websites. Likewise, TREVIJANO is not liable for any incorrect use that could be made of the offered contents, and waives all liability in this respect.

TREVIJANO is not directly or subsidiarily liable for any claims that may stem from the quality, reliability, exactness or correctness of the contents.


TREVIJANO reserves the right to modify its programmes and systematising of data supplied and the technical specifications for access and transmission. When these changes do not allow use that is compatible with previously installed versions, TREVIJANO will report this via its website. Likewise, TREVIJANO reserves the right to partially or fully interrupt the service for technical changes or to repair faults, previously reporting this situation via its website, if this is possible, or via any other means enabled for this purpose.

To the extent that this is possible, TREVIJANO will strive to ensure the security of the technical IT media used by users when browsing its website. Nevertheless, since the Internet cannot be considered a secure channel, TREVIJANO is unable to fully guarantee the absence of computer virus or other harmful items introduced by third parties which could cause damage or alterations to computer systems, electronic documents or files belonging to the users while they are browsing our website. Consequently, TREVIJANO will not be liable for any damages that said items could cause users or third parties.

TREVIJANO is not responsible for the operating system being run, nor any consequences that may arise through malfunctions of the operating system.

TREVIJANO reserves the right to make any modifications deemed appropriate to its website at any time without prior notice, being entitled to change, erase or add contents and services provided through the website and how they are displayed or positioned on the website pages.


TREVIJANO will not be liable for the contents, information and images that are not dependent on the website or any that are not managed by TREVIJANO even though they appear on the website in view of cooperation agreements undersigned by TREVIJANO.


TREVIJANO shall pursue any breaches of the foregoing conditions, and any prohibited or undue use of its website, exercising all civil and criminal action pertaining to the company in accordance with the law.


In the event of any of the clauses or parts of any clauses being declared null and void, this circumstance shall not affect the validity of the rest of the contents.


We know we will get on well together, but in order to provide for all possible situations that may arise, we would like to inform you that the law applicable to any conflicts that may arise in relation to this website and the contents and products offered through it, is Spanish Law. The Parties hereby agree to subject themselves to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Estella, specifically waiving any other jurisdiction pertaining to them, unless you are a consumer who has made purchases via our on-line store, and in accordance with national law in your country, if there is a legal jurisdiction regulation that excludes the foregoing, then we shall abide by the said legal provision.

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